Ben Riggs--- Friday night

Intro Question:

  1. What stuck out to you from Bens talk?  


*As a small group read 1 John 1:5-10 out loud

  1. Do you think you pursued God first? Or did He pursue you?

  2. What are some ways you can build intimacy with friends/family?

    1. What are some ways that intimacy can be broken/ weakened?

    2. How can you build/break intimacy with God?

  3. What does it mean to walk in darkness?

  4. What makes it so hard to walk in the light?

  5. What are common ways that you try to deceive yourself?

    1. Do you try to distract yourself (social media, Tv, etc) so that you dont have to come to reality with truth?

  6. If you have time… feel free to read Isaiah 59:9-21 outloud and discuss how it relates to walking in darkness or light




Kristan’s talk--- Saturday Morning

Intro Question:

  1. What stuck out to you from Kristan’s talk?

*As a small group read Exodus 33:7-11 out loud

  1. Moses was intentional about setting up a tent so that He could meet with God… Where is an intentional place you can go to meet with God (ex= bedroom, hammock, walk)

  2. Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you were closer to God than normal? Why was that experience different?

  3. Moses was so close with God, that he would Speak to God like a friend.When you pray to God are you praying to Him as a friend? A ruler? A servant?

    1. Do you think its possible to be as close to God as Moses was?

  4. Moses decided to obey and trust God… even though it was hard. What is a way that you need to obey/trust God?

  5. If you could snap your fingers and you would automatically be super obedient in one area concerning your relationship with God.. .what area would it be? (ex= reading bible, praying, avoiding sin, etc)

  6. Saying “yes” will change your life!

    1. In what way do you need to say “yes” to God?.... Even if it is hard… even if it means changing directions

  7. Moses came a long way from who he used to be… he went from killing an Egyptian, to leading an entire nation to freedom. What are some ways that you have grown? (ex= grown in discipline to spend time with God, grown in patience/love/joy/peace)


  • What part of the prayer experience was most meaningful? 
  • Was there anything that you felt like God was saying to you in the midst of your prayer time?
  • What keeps you from spending more time praying and connecting with Jesus during your normal week?
  • Is there anything you would commit to praying about going forward after you leave here?


Shane--- Saturday night

Intro Question:

  1. What stuck out to you from Shane's talk?

*As a small group read John 14:12-26 out loud

  1. What from this passage stood out to you?

  2. How do you explain the Holy Spirit to someone who isnt a Christian?

  3. If we have put our faith in Christ… we have the Holy Spirit inside of us… does that feel real to you? Why/why not?

  4. When is it easiest to forget that God dwells/lives inside of you?

    1. How can you remind yourself that God lives inside of you?

  5. When you pray, do you pray to the Holy Spirit? If so… why? Why not?

  6. In John 16:5-17 Jesus says it was better for us that He was going to leave earth, and send the Holy Spirit… why is it better for us? Wouldnt Jesus in person be better?